With dengue on rampage, all public and private sector schools and colleges across Lahore have been shut down for 10 days to prevent the deadly virus from spreading further especially among children. With the number of patients reaching 4044, the Punjab government has sprung into action and apart from special wards and equipment provided to the hospitals, setting up of more collection centres at laboratories, a helpline has also been established to guide the patients. There is hardly any doubt that the monsoon rains have added fuel to the fire and small pools of water here and there due to incessant rains are making the task of smoking out the mosquito more difficult. The sad part is that the PPP rather than genuinely helping the Punjab government in controlling the spread of the virus has found in the dengue a golden opportunity to badmouth PML-N merely for the sake of political point scoring. Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riazs recent unwarranted behaviour coupled with PPPs walkout from a session of the Punjab Assembly the other day only left a bad taste in the mouth. Then, there was President Zardaris letter to Mian Nawaz Sharif ridicule him for the spread of dengue in Punjab merely for the purpose of gaining political mileage. The PPP must assess its own pathetic performance in Sindh to help the flood victims. Instead of pointing fingers needlessly, it must step forward in the fight against dengue.