My apologies to Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti for giving the impression that I subscribe to any of the misapprehensions that prevail about Kalabagh dam. I am a great admirer of Engineer Shamsul Mulk and often quote his arguments in my letters. The issue of Kalabagh dam has been very badly politicised and has become a victim of distrust. It is the distrust which has first to be removed. On the other hand we have the prime minister saying that projects like Kalabagh dam create anarchy. During the floods last year, a newspaper printed 30 of my letters over a period of two months. Governor Salman Taseer took notice and asked me to prepare a 100 point document in support of Kalabagh dam, which I did. He intended to get the Chambers of Commerce and Industry all over the country to pursue the matter. As to an assemblage of professionals, it will be a great honour for me to work with Doctor Saheb on any forum in this national cause. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, September 13.