The Americans got together on Sunday, the 11th September 2011 at Ground Zero to commemorate the horrific morning of 11th September 2001. This was the 10th Anniversary of the deadly attack on Twin Towers (WTC) by the so-called terrorists trained by Osama Bin Ladin where in about 3000 Americans perished. The ceremony was presided over by US President Barak Hussain Obama along with former President George W Bush. After Obamas speech there were other routine speeches by various officials, showing sympathy with the affected families. There was however, no mention of killing of over 300,000 people by American forces during their attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq under the garb of war on terror. There was also no word of appreciation for Pakistan for their unflinching support in their war on terror. The Americans have been however, ruthless in arresting, torturing and killing whomsoever they thought were suspects having links with Al-Qaeda. Their notorious prisoners camps were located at Guantanama Bay in Cuba , Al-Gharib Camp in Iraq and Balgram Base in Afghanistan where the detainees were tortured, humiliated and killed. The religion of Islam and its all captive Muslims were ridiculed in these camps and there are reports of blasphemous acts by the caretakers of these camps. All Muslims of the world have not forgotten these atrocities and blasphemy by the US forces. President Obama should also know about these details and should have made an apology to the Muslim world on this day. This gesture along with an announcement of immediate withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan and Iraq would have definitely solved the problem of terrorism and hatred against America. I am sure the all wise Americans know why they are hated. It is because of their interference and poking their nose in the affairs of other countries. They should bother about their own country and leave the rest to the UNO to resolve inter country issues. The 9/11 investigations and the reports by some Americans private detectives show that the incident was planned and executed by the CIA and Mossad. The twin towers could not come down like house of cards with one Boeing aircraft hitting each tower unless high degree explosives were used at various layers of the towers. So the incident of 9/11 is as shady as the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad. It would have been most befitting on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, if Obama had released the video of US Navy Seals action in Abbottabad in which OBL was killed and his dead body shown in clear. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, September13.