The same Nawaz Sharif who called President Zardari Mr 10 percent as well as blamed him for all looting and plundering the national kitty has showered him with praise now that he is leaving office. The latter reciprocated by declaring that “politics would be done during upcoming election years and in the meantime he would like to work under the leadership of Mr Nawaz Sharif”. Bravo to both of them and their daring about turn! Traditionally it is permissible to say a few words of praise for the outgoing dignitary but Mr Sharif went a step ahead.

He once called Zardari a threat to the very existence of Pakistan. Zardari and his subordinates accused the leaders of Punjab of depriving the smaller province of their right, but now all has been forgotten. Both the Sharif brothers very quickly forgot all the inflammatory speeches about punishing Zardari and his cohort’s upside-down for sellout on Pakistan’s integrity to foreign powers and destroying the economy of Pakistan. What I am presuming now is that all their talk of change, accountability and fiercely attacking PPP government was all meant to grab power and nothing else.

That the allegation of friendly opposition by PML-N at the center was a harsh truth and that there is no hope for any, even cosmetic, change. Majority of the wretched people of Pakistani are bound to continue facing poverty, ill governance, illiteracy, power breakdown, joblessness etc. That corruption is being formalized is evident from the generous statement of opprobrium by PM to the PPP government.

The reality is that the last five years, PML-N was a friendly opposition, they just changed seats with each other, now it’s ‘my turn next yours’. President’s Zardari’s statement that politics is not ‘confined’ to just electioneering and that he would work under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, is even more depressing. Now it would be advisable for both the parties to merge and select a suitable name for ‘two in one’ party. I can suggest an easier one ‘Pakistan People’s party Muslim league Nawaz.’


Johi, September 9.