Being one of the participants of NACTA recruitment written test held on September 1, 2013 at Sports complex, Islamabad, for various positions ranging from low ranking staff to as high as grade-19 officers, I appreciate and fully endorse the contents of a story published in a section of the press on September 11, 2013. Being part of the recruitment drama, while confirming the veracity of the contents of the story, I wish to highlight some more examples of sheer mismanagement and utter pandemonium witnessed there.

All the candidates were allowed to sit at any place of their choice, because there was no sitting plan which is a mandatory part of any examination, of whatever level. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, the candidates made groups of friends, there was no definitive start or cut off time for the test. Candidates started the paper whenever they felt like and ended it at their convenience. No check, whatsoever, on candidacy was made on the basis of roll number slips/CNIC. The Liaquat Gymnasium having been selected as the venue for the test was itself technically wrong due to the specific seating arrangement which is meant only for watching sports.

Starting from the centre, each successive row of seats is at higher level meant to facilitate the spectators to watch the sports with a clear view. Holding examination where this kind of seating arrangements is totally beyond the comprehension of even a layman. Nepotism, use of mobile phones, extremely thin presence of invigilators, etc are now open secrets.

There have been many more examples of the criminal negligence on the part of NACTA, a body our rulers are banking on to fight against the terrorism on national level. For any future requirement, I suggest that the recruitment process should be out-sourced to some well reputed hiring or HR organization. There are many in Pakistan and in public and private sectors like FPSC, NTC.


Islamabad, September 12.