Pakistan Day, Independence Day, Defence Day, Birthday, this day, that day…. change of guards etc. Dignitaries, Chief Minister, Ministers, Governor, Core Commander, GOC etc pay homage to leaders of this country by visiting mausoleums and laying wreaths. Have they ever visited Iqbal’s mausoleum after sunset. I was on Food Street two day’s back when my children and some guest wished to go inside Hazoori Bagh. We were all shocked to see that it was pitch dark inside with not even a candle on the mausoleum.

When I asked the persons on duty why only a fan was turned on but no electricity bulb, one of them replied that they have no instructions from his boss while the other said that it is ‘Auqaf’ department’s responsibility? What a shame? Can someone responsible wake up and do his job more diligently!


Lahore, September 12.