After a long struggle, sacrifice and hardships, the emergence of Pakistan was thought to be a game changer for the Muslims of the sub-continent. It would be a country that the Muslims of the sub-continent could proudly claim to be their own, a place where minorities would be respected and safeguarded. They envisioned Pakistan as a land of dreams a peaceful place. Sixty eight years down the road, Pakistan stands at a grim crossroad where its dwellers have taken up arms against each other. A nation that was created to unify the Muslims is in fact experiencing division. This fort of Islam has been reduced to a sectarian country with no tolerance. We blame the extremists for wreaking havoc in our country, but a little soul searching will reveal that we all are extremists. We blame government for literally everything wrong, we complain that we have an energy crisis, but are we, as citizens, fulfilling our duty and responsibility towards the state? Have we ever pondered over the fact that only 2% of us pay taxes? It’s we who believe in unlawful access to electricity by using the  ‘kundas’. It’s surely some time for introspection. We have failed to assist the million IDPs. Isn’t it apathy that our country is waging a war against terrorism in North Waziristan but our so called leaders have not abandoned their political point scoring and are leading the country into a civil war? Do we want Pakistan to degenerate? If yes, then let’s keep on doing what we are doing and if not, then it’s high time we, as citizens, realised our due responsibilities and dispatch them accordingly.


Lahore, August 19.