CHITRAL - To promote their skill, attract local non-local customers and linkage development to national and international market, an exhibition of local handicraft was held in a local hotel here. Master pieces of Khow and Kalash cultures were displayed at different stalls. The exhibition was organised by Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in collaboration with different local organisations of Chitral.

A significant number of local people and foreign tourists visited the exhibition and showed their interest in the products.  Throughout Chitral women make handicrafts and other domestic use items in their houses, most of them are handmade.  Talking with media some local women told that they made these items in houses with hands without any machine but they are not getting reasonable price for their products because they don’t have access to national and international markets. They said if government and non-governmental organisations introduce these handicrafts in international market they would be able to get suitable price and it would have better economic effects in the area.