A country that betrays its founding father is a country destined to suffer, as we are suffering today. Standing at bottom of all socio economic global reports, with Pakistan listed at 140 out of 148 in terms of “Violence and Crime”, while in health, education, nepotism and corruption we beat even African countries. It was on September 11, 1948 that a critically sick Quaid arrived in Federal Capital Karachi from Quetta, with no protocol, only to be transported in an ambulance that broke down on a hot humid day, accompanied by his sister to his death.

If we had adopted Quaid’s legacy in letter and spirit, Pakistan would have become a modern democratic welfare state that he had envisioned, where Constitution would have reigned supreme, laws prevailed, justice delivered and every citizen, irrespective of the post he held, would have been held accountable. Unfortunately what followed after his death was betrayal of all that he stood for. A country where irregularities can be regularized and blatant abuse of power becomes a norm. This has become a paradise for land grabbers, criminals and terrorists. Today, the state collects far less in taxes than money collected through extortion, the criminal black economy booms, while white economy has shrunk.

The Father of Nation wanted rule of law, accountability, morals and ethics to be entrenched in the hearts of those holding public offices leading a life of simplicity, but instead, we have seen the exact reverse. Jinnah stressed that the Constitution is vital for laying down foundations of a modern democratic welfare state. He termed corruption and bribery to be a curse which should be dealt with an iron hand; but now both are considered a privilege for the well-paid, elected ruling elite. The Quaid wanted merit to and principles like ‘conflict of interest’ to be strictly adhered to, but none of the above have been implemented.


Lahore, September 11.