Accountability, rule of law, participation and equity are pre-requisite for good governance. The sole purpose of good governance is to alleviate poverty and promote developement in the country.

The successive governments in Pakistan avoided accountability because they were scared of being deprived of their stashed wealth in swiss banks and their affluent life style was threatened.

Rule of law means that every person is equal in the eyes of law and no one has any exception. Yet, we are seeing that there is separate law for bigwigs, big guns and a lay man.

For participation, local self governments are very necessary so that trickle down of power takes place and masses can easily demonstrate their will through locally elected representatives. Politicians think that their powers will be scuttled that’s why they avoid participation.

Equity or justice is very necessary for a just society. Justice delayed is justice denied. When there will be no equity there will be high socio economic disparities between have and have nots and the result is chaos, turmoil and disorder that we are seeing today.

Good governance will remain elusive until and unless it is promulgated in letter and spirit insted of rhetoric and tall claims.


Karachi, August 21.