ISLAMABAD: The PML-N government is helpless to take any immediate action over the resignations of MQM, as it is facing ‘hidden’ pressure to ignore Muttahida’s demands, a party leader said. “The government will give final response to accept or reject resignations of MQM soon after Eidul Azha,” said MQM’s senior leader Waseem Akhtar while talking to The Nation. “The government is helpless and final decision on MQM’s resignations will be after Eid,” MQM’s leader said this while responding to government’s negative response over MQM’s demands.

The fourth major opposition party (MQM) has recently put forth demands, including lifting of undeclared ban on ‘welfare’ activities (collecting hides), political offices and Altaf Hussian’s speech on electronic media. The opposition party had also called off talks with the government till meeting its demands. The negotiations between government and MQM were being held to form Grievances Redressal Committee.

“Who will take care of the PML-N government’s grievances? Government’s helplessness was obvious during meetings with MQM,” said Akhtar, adding that MQM had submitted resignations in the National Assembly Secretariat so the government should announce its final decision. “The government is delaying a quite simple matter, as it has no concrete answers for MQM’s grievances. We have submitted resignations after thorough deliberation,” he said.

When asked about by-elections, MQM leader said that the government is avoiding by-elections as it seemingly wants to settle the issue on its own terms. He said that Muttahida had conditionally agreed to reconsider its decision of quitting the parliamentary politics. “Our (MQM) meetings with government remained inconclusive as the government has seemingly no concrete solutions,” he added.

The government has recently made it clear that it would not accept all the demands of MQM. “The MQM leaders called off talks and put forth its demands...All of its demands cannot to be accepted,” Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had already shared it with this newspaper.

The MQM and the government held three rounds of talks to resolve the issue of resignations but it remained inconclusive.

Political pundits say Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf(PTI) is also waiting for the decision of government about MQM’s resignations issue. Any decision against MQM will further put government in a weak position, as other opposition party will put pressure to tender resignations on the pretext of ‘bad governance’.

Likewise, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) over the possible MQM’s return to the parliament said that it will be a kind of adjustment. PPP’s Information Secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira had recently remarked that MQM’s return would be a doctrine of necessity in some extent.