Islamabad - Seven-year-old Mohammed Moeez Gul, student of grade-2 of Roots School International, Gulzare Quaid Branch, has won a gold medal in the 6th international essay writing and painting competition arranged by HRCA (HR Consultant Association). The competition was designed especially to expose the hidden talent and show the brilliance of Pakistan’s youth to the rest of the world. This was an excellent opportunity and Moeez showed his talent on the international forum.

The theme for the contest was “birds”. Competitors were encouraged to showcase their thoughts and opinions about the birds. Originality was encouraged. Competitors were segregated into different groups based upon their class grades. Moeez won gold medal in group ‘Daffodils’ in which he competed with grade 1 and 2 students internationally. This achievement is due to his natural artistic abilities further nurtured by the amazing creative environment offer at home and at school. This is in addition to him being a straight A-grade student and a great swimmer.

His parents, teachers and school mates are delighted at his achievement at such a young age and hoping that he continues this winning streak well in to his adult life with respect to both academic and personal life.