Don Draper’s blissful smile closed the series finale of “Mad Men” in May, and now actor Jon Hamm will likely find some redemption of his own. Hamm, a struggling actor, has never won an Emmy for his performance as the show’s conflicted, mysterious advertising genius. Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards mark his last chance to take home the coveted honour and this time Hamm is the overwhelming favourite, TV pundits say. “It would be like a crime if Jon Hamm didn’t win at this point,” said the Los Angeles Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning TV critic Mary McNamara.–Reuters

“To divorce the success of ‘Mad Men’ from Hamm’s performance is absurd.” Hamm, 44, had to audition seven times for the Don Draper role in the 1960s era show that has won the best drama series Emmy four times.