ISLAMABAD - Blaming the political opponents for the malicious campaign against the present government, the Federal Minister for Planning and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal on Monday said that they will fail to produce another Pervez Musharraf.

“During the past two years we have elevated Pakistan from a failed state to a successive story which is hard for our domestic opponents and foreign enemies to digest and they have resorted to a malicious propaganda against the present government and the country,” the Minister said while a addressing a press conference here.

Replying a comment, by a newsman, that the people of Pakistan have no trust in the present government inviting, on social media, other forces to take over the power, the minister said that “I assure you that this time they are not going to produce another Pervez Musharraf,”.

“Personally, I don’t trust the opinion of social media as this media was portraying Musharraf the most popular leader of the country when almost 99 percent Pakistanis were against him,” the minister added.

The minister said due to the policies of the present government the country is moving on the right direction and the western media which was earlier portraying Pakistan a failed story is now presenting it as a successive story.

“Some of our political opponents don’t think of Pakistan they think of their future which is in dark because of the PML(N) achievements, the minister said. “Our political opponents are scared of our success of the past two years and cannot see us in power till the end of our tenure” the minister said adding that they are afraid that they will face another defeat in 2018 elections and they cannot wait till 2022,” the minister claimed.” Some of our opponent think that they will be 72 or 74 years old by 2022 and will not be able to become prime minister, that’s why they are intriguing against the present government,” he added.

Similarly the minister said that the foreign enemy of Pakistan is also not happy with the success of the country and is trying to create disruption in the country.

Regarding the allegation of the Sindh finance minister that the PML government is fond of expensive projects, the minister said that “You-Sindh government-also spend two and half years in office, can you tell us about any cheap project initiated by your government”? “You are not in a position to deliver good to the poor people of Sindh and blaming us for the expensive project” he maintained.

Regarding Nandipur Power Project, Ahsan Iqbal claimed that they are cleaning the mess created by the PPP government. Due to the corruption of the previous government in Nandipur project the National exchequer incurred a loss of Rs 130 billion.

During the previous government when the contractor was asked for some money, the company left the project and the machinery was stored in boxes at Karachi port. The government of PML(N) revived this dead project as “we had two options either to revive the project or dump it and face the litigation from the company in the arbitration court and pay double fine,” the minister explained.

“We believe in transparency and for the purpose the Prime Minister has established the enquiry commission to probe the matter and also ordered the audit of the accounts of project by international accounting firm” the minister informed.