LAHORE - PTI’s ideological cadres from Punjab fear rigging in fresh intra-party poll in the presence of existing voter lists, Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed said.

The former chief of PTI election tribunal told The Nation on Monday that many of the party’s founding members from Punjab met him and asked him to play his role in preparing new voter lists for a fair and transparent conduct of the fresh intra-party polls.

In June, the PTI announced to hold fresh intra-party polls after local body elections. It had established a central election commission led by Tasneem Noorani. An exercise of inspection of seven million party voters is underway. PTI decided to hold fresh intra-party polls after accepting poll-rigging commission’s findings of “irregularities” in the party election.

Wajih said, “We discussed several proposals for making the intra-party polls transparent free of rigging. I will discuss the same with party’s chief election commissioner Tasneem Noorani.”

He said he would make the details of proposals public after they are taken into a practical shape.

Commenting over his campaign to cleanse the party against what he called the mafias, Wajih said all the ideological cadres are standing behind him in this regard.

“I am pursuing the campaign with moderate approach keeping in view the integrity of the party. I am not claiming a revolution but an evolutionary process has started.”

He said the party high command only made an “apparent compliance” to the decisions of his election tribunal orders and the “real compliance” has yet to be made.

Talking about the matter of withdrawal of candidature by some of the PTI’s candidates in the provincial capital, Wajih said, “It is strange many of the experienced party workers in Lahore overlooked the vital fact of fielding covering candidates in politically important constituencies.”

Wajihuddin’s party membership was suspended by Imran Khan for discussing internal party matters in public. Wajih demanded in public the expulsion of four party members against whom he found credible evidence of their involvement in irregularities during intra-party polls.

According to him, Wajih made the demand to uphold the true principles of democracy as the party chief was not ready to expel only four members. Wajih’s report asked to expel KP CM Pervez Khattak, party’s former Lahore president Abdul Aleem Khan, ex-Sindh chapter president Nadir Akmal Leghari and former secretary general Jahangir Tareen.