S: Even if they don’t agree, I think FATA should be made part of KPK. We have tried their way, or the British way I should say, and that way has failed. It’s time for a change.

A: See this is exactly the kind of forcible changes that the people of FATA detest. This is the reason they have chosen to maintain their own culture, their own laws and own standards. Why can’t you let them have it? Even if the live in relative poverty and underdevelopment, it is their choice, their way of life. We should protect that.

S: I understand your point about cultural relativity, believe me I do. But cultural relativity has its limits. Nations are allowed to make their own laws, but there is a certain minimum standard that they must conform to under international law, such as banning torture and criminalizing murder. We give provinces freedom to legislate, but within the limits of the constitution and federal laws. FATA had its freedom, yet it is falling too far behind the rest of the nation. The minimum standard is not being met.

A: Firstly, I don’t believe that, other parts of the country are just as underdeveloped if not more. And even if it is underdeveloped and lagging it is not affecting you sitting here in Lahore is it.

S: But it is, the backwardness of FATA fuels other ill, such as militancy, and that has affected the whole nation, the whole region rather.