Islamabad: Supreme Court (SC) has ordered Capital Development Authority (CDA) to take action indiscriminately against encroachments and commercial activities, in urban areas of Islamabad.

 Justice Amir Hani Muslim has remarked “CDA Board members have not descended from heaven that an amendment or addition cannot be made in their decisions. A discriminatory treatment against any citizen will not be allowed”.

CDA told the court in its report that six months' period has been given for shifting all encroachments and commercial activities from Islamabad city. Allotment letters of those who violate this order will be cancelled.

This decision was taken in an important meeting of CDA Board. A 2-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Amir Hani Muslim took up the case for hearing today. Justice Dost Muhammad remarked “commercial activities cannot be allowed. You have given period of two to three years to people in your reports.

Counsel for CDA told the court that rules have been enacted. CDA board has decided on the reservations expressed by civil society and chamber of commerce that no discriminatory treatment will be allowed in any way. Six months time frame has been given to the people to wind up their business otherwise all the allotment will be cancelled.

This time has been given in respect of the places for which court has given decision. Operation is continuing and will continue against them. The places will not get vacated till the prescribed time. Violation of building laws will not be allowed. Qamar Afzal said CDA has presented list of 1200 sites . My name is also included in the list. CDA is acting as per its will. CDA allows to whom it wishes and it does not allow someone whom it does not will so.

Justice Dost Muhammad remarked “when a job has to be done by CDA then why the remaining property cannot be included. Counsel for CDA said this is decision of CDA board. Justice Amir Hani Muslim remarked “board has not descended from heaven that its decision is important.