BEIJING: Premier Li Keqiang met with Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab and discussed with him future economic targets of the Chinese government, ensuring strong, sustained and balanced economic growth at all levels.

“All countries should join hands with mutual help,  give play to their comparative advantages and open a new chapter in the global economy,” he said.

Li Keqiang pointed out that China's economy is now running within a reasonable range and its fundamentals for overall stability remain unchanged, so it still serves as an important force for global economic growth.

The Chinese people have the wisdom and the Chinese government has the capability to keep the economy growing at medium-high speed and towards medium-high level.

“We will continuously and unswervingly deepen reform in a comprehensive way and gradually enhance China's opening-up to the outside world,” he said.

China proposed carrying out international cooperation on production capacity to connect its advantages in production capacity and equipment manufacturing with demands of other developing countries in infrastructure construction and industrialization and meanwhile utilize high-end products and advanced technologies of developed countries.

“This will not only help boost industrialization and modernization of developing countries at low cost, high speed and high level, but will better integrate finance and industry as well as virtual economy and entity economy,” he added.

China will work with transnational enterprises to develop its own market and the third-party market for mutual benefit

Klaus Schwab said that the Summer Davos Forum is growing in influence, showing that the international community has confidence in China's future economic development. The sub-forum on international production capacity cooperation was specially held on the sidelines of the Davos Forum, and the participants held that international production capacity cooperation helps all countries complement their advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through cooperation, and also helps China's industrial upgrading and transformation. The WEF will further enhance its cooperation with China.