Tourism has 10 per cent share in the global economy and it makes the world more stable by creating goodwill and bringing people together from far-off places together.

Senior Working Journalist Forum (SWJF) President Anjum Bashir expressed these view during a study tour of Fort Munro.

Famous industrialist and social figure Muhammad Riaz Rind hosted a reception in the honour of SWJF delegation in Dera Ghazi Khan on the wat to Fort Munro, on a study and leisure tour.

The SWJF President said that for the promotion of regional culture, it is important to visit historical and attractive places of country. He observed that Pakistan has tremendous potential to boost tourism on a sustainable basis because of its landscapes and diverse culture. He said tourism helped promote friendly and cordial relations between nations and it was vital for boosting economic activity, generation of job opportunities and poverty alleviation.

He said that if the government installed chairlift/cable cares between Summit Park and Annari and establish world-class Safari park, the ratio of visitors would be increased in Fort Munro and south Punjab. On the occasion, Riaz offered valuable gifts to members of the delegation. SWJF delegation visited Dera Ghazi khan, Sakhi Sawar, Fort Munro, Anari, Damus Lake and Jinnah Park, Shershah near Chanab River. SWJF members included Malik Muhammad Aslam, Qulzam Bashir Ahmad, Khalid Mehmood Ch, Syed Asim Shah Sherazi, Syed Shafqat Shah, Manzoor Hussain Bhatti, Rand Muhammad Idress, Mehar Abbas Dhool, Muhammad Ibrar, Muhammad Bilal Ch, Ayesa Anjum, Buhan Qulzam Abdul Rehman Qulzam, Akhtar Gill, Hafiz Zulfiqar Ali, Nasir Iqbal, Rana Muhammad Khalid, and others.