MIRPUR (AJK) - Pakistan and China are all weather friends and the friendship is time-tested,” said Sardar Masood Khan, said the president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir here on Thursday.

Sardar Masood Khan made these remarks during an interview with Al Arabiya Network at the President House, its spokesperson said on Thursday.

“During Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s visit to China, Beijing had once again expressed its strong solidarity with Pakistan and reiterated its unwavering commitment to CPEC,” he said. He further said that Pakistan has been at the forefront in the war on terror and has also been the biggest victim of terrorism. Pakistan has been successful in its fight against terrorism but the fight is continuing. This war should be fought by all; the onus of eliminating terrorism lies on the entire international community, not just Pakistan, he noted. Besides, he said, Pakistan seems to be the only country succeeding in the war against terrorism.

To a question whether the recent declaration of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen as a terrorist organisation by the Trump administration would affect the freedom movement, the President said that Kashmiris are leading an unarmed, peaceful and indigenous struggle which will continue till the day they achieve their freedom.

The president said, “The international community has to be further sensitised and made aware of the serious human rights situation in Occupied Kashmir. It’s a diplomatic triumph for Pakistan that the Kashmir issue has been kept alive in the international arena much to the frustration of India.” “Major countries due to economic interests and strategic considerations are turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed in IOK and are hampering the just resolution of the Kashmir issue,” said Sardar Masood Khan.

He said it was deeply concerning that the UN being responsible for maintaining world peace and security has not lived up to its name when it came to resolving issues like Kashmir.

Later, addressing District Bar Association in  Rawalakot as chief guest, the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir said that Indian-held Kashmir has to be got liberated from Indian clutches despite the exercise of all kinds terror acts by Indian occupational forces against valiant Kashmiri people. India will never succeed in her such nefarious designs, he added.

He said the strong and stable Pakistan is the guarantee for the freedom of Kashmir from Indian yoke. He added that the people of IHK were repeating the same history as earlier, the people of Azad Kashmir had inscribed with their blood after liberating the territory from Dogra regime in 1947 by giving sacrifices of precious lives.

President Masood was of the view that such high profile judges have been emerged from District Bar Poonch Rawalakot and they have given historical verdicts in the apex courts of Azad Kashmir.  He said the government of AJK has sent the constitutional reformation package to the federal government for its approval and very soon the federal government will approve the vital package.

He said that some important steps are being taken with regard to AJK judiciary and prompt steps are also being taken for the establishment of lawyers chamber and bar rooms in Rawalakot.

The AJK president also highlighted the efforts of governments of Pakistan and AJK regarding the Kashmir issue. He said that OIC is the strong international forum and some people were criticising it uselessly without any logic. He asked the critics not to oppose without any sound basis. He said the OIC has raised the voice in favour of Kashmiri people at different international forums and passed a number of resolutions in this regard.

He observed, “We need to encourage the member states of OIC to make the forum more effective and strengthen it by productive measures.” He said that strengthened Pakistan is AJK’s prime responsibility, and said the India attempts to halt the CPEC but our Armed forces are vigilant to foil all Indian designs. He said that the federal government has allocated four mega projects in CPEC to develop Azad Kashmir and bring progress and prosperity in the liberated area.

The District Bar Rawalakot Poonch on the occasion adopted several resolutions which severely denounced the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims at the hands of Budhist extremists of Myanmar. It stressed upon the UN and world community to take stalk of the situation and intervene to safeguard the Rohingya Muslim community. The other resolutions were also adopted including the resolution regarding the Indian atrocities in IHK and demanded the world community to stop India from continued bloodshed of Kashmiri people in occupied Kashmir and put pressure on Modi government in this regard.