KARACHI - Keeping in view intense security threats, the provincial government is taking all necessary measures to avoid any untoward incident during the month of Muharram, The Nation learnt here on Thursday.

According to details, Sindh government has banned pillion riding and taken other appropriate measures to minimise the risk of terrorism during the month particularly during main processions and majalis.

Security agencies have alerted the concerned authorities about potential threats during the month and urged them to remain on their toes in order to foil an act of terrorism.

Sources revealed to this scribe that national security agencies had learnt that terrorists had planned to create law and order situation in the city.

Security agencies have warned that terrorists will use different sorts of modus operandi to create panic such as suicide attacks with the help of female bombers to make their missions successful. Sources further said that threats of terrorism were not restricted to Karachi only, but also extended to the interior Sindh. Security agencies and the representatives of Sindh government have also started taking influential religious scholars on the same page to avert possible threats of terrorism.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that there were multiple forces seeking to take advantage of such a large number of gatherings during Muharram to create the law and order situation.

Sources pointed out that the target killings of prominent religious scholars were likely to instigate violence, therefore it was essential to provide proper security to them, particularly in the month of Muharram. In the wake of multiple threats of terrorism looming large in the city, the government of Sindh has, in exercise of powers conferred under Section 144 (6) Cr. PC, imposed ban on the display of arms and ammunitions, misuse of loudspeakers, objectionable, provocative wall-chalking, posters, banners as well as pillion riding in Karachi, reads a notification issued by provincial home department. Pillion riding will remain banned from Muharram 8th to Muharram 10th.

All permissions granted by the home department, Sindh to the individuals to carry weapons in relaxation of ban under section 144 CrPC will remain suspended for at least sixty days. The security guards in plainclothes will also not be allowed to carry weapons while the use of private vehicles, having resemblance with mobile vans, will not be allowed either.

Also playing or processing of audio and video cassettes containing provocative speeches and inciting hatred would be banned besides playing cable transmission, CDs and DVDs at hotels and public places, presence of any person on a rooftop during mourning processions and majalis without the permission of concerned authorities, and assembly of five persons except Muharram processions and majalis would also be not allowed. Similarly cable operators will not be allowed to play audio and video songs containing hate material, cassettes of provocative speeches. Furthermore, police stations concerned are hereby authorised to register complaints under Section 188 of the PPC in writing in case of violation of Section 144 of CrPC.