TOBA TEK SINGH - The electricity wires of Fesco poles passing over the roof of a house at Gojra took life of a woman on Wednesday.

Police said Gulshan Bibi, deceased wife of Rana Sajid Ali of Chak 298/JB went on the roof of her house to bring down iron-made charpoy but it touched the wires passing through the roof. As a result, she received heavy electric shock and died on the spot.

VILLAGES PANICKED: An eighth class student allegedly fired in the air and spread panic when he quarreled with another boy during a cricket match in the playground of Government MC High School, Gojra on Thursday.

Khurram Arshad of Asghar Colony was playing cricket with his fellows. Meanwhile, he exchanged harsh words with another boy Awais of Dastagir Colony. Over this, Khurram took a pistol which he had already in his school bag, and started aerial firing as a result scores of boys playing in the ground ran away.

The accused later fled away from the scene when police were informed.

Meanwhile, a youth injured another when he was restrained from destroying the pitch of cricket ground of Chak 92/JB. Gojra Saddr Police said accused Ihtasham Shami fired at complainant Abid Javed who received bullet injuries. He was admitted to Gojra THQ Hospital.