LAHORE - PTI chairman Imran Khan said Thursday that people would see a new Pakistan after September 17 as the voters in NA-120 would defeat the corruption mafia. 

“A new Lahore is in the making, and it will, in turn, make a new Pakistan by defeating the God father of corruption”, he said while addressing party supporters at Charing Cross, The Mall.

Accompanied by party candidate from NA-120, Dr Yasmin Rashid, PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday led an election rally from Charing Cross to Data Darbar with the underlying objective of fueling her election campaign.

The PTI leaders, however, kept insisting throughout the day that it was not an election rally. “PTI chairman is going to Data Darbar to pay homage to the Sufi saint”, they would say. 

Moving at snail’s pace, the rally reached its destination point after the midnight. It was a successful rally as thousands of party supporters thronged The Mall to be part of the gathering which also attracted party activists from other cities of the central Punjab.

PTI chief further stated that Lahore was bracing for two heated contests in the coming days. “One game is being played tomorrow at Gaddafi stadium, and the other one will be played in NA-120 on Sunday”, he uttered and asked the people to give a final push to the corruption mafia on September 17 by voting for Dr Yasmin Rashid. “Do it for better future of your children”, he said.

Khan predicted that NA-120 election was significant in country’s history as it will bring an end to the 30-year rule of Sharif family. “We will lay the foundation of a new Pakistan on Sunday”, he said.

  He said that before announcement of the Panama verdict Maryam Nawaz used to befool the people that her family did not possess any company in Pakistan. He asked her how was she able to make properties abroad worth billions in a short span of time.

Khan told his supporters that the era of Sharif family’s corruption was over now. “It is a story of corruption which started from Gawal Mandi and ended up at Mayfair flats”, he observed.

He said entire nation was standing with the judiciary which is under attack from the PML-N after the Panama verdict. 

Also, PTI chief Imran Khan had a meeting with PAT Chairman Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri on Thursday evening. Qadri announced his party’s support for the PTI candidate, Dr Yasmin Rashid at a joint news conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Khan said that Election Commission had barred him from entering NA-120, while the PML-N ministers had been given a free hand to run Kalsoom Nawaz’s election campaign.

Condemning the Election Commission for what he called its biased attitude, Kahn said he was going to visit Data Darbar and no one could stop him. He also said that ECP was trying to become a court in his case. “I have been called on a petty excuse”, he said, adding that he could go to Supreme Court against the Election Commission.