BAHAWALPUR - A Jamaat-e-Islami leader said that Supreme Court’s remarks regarding the National Accountability Bureau is an eye opener regarding its credibility while the public has no longer trust in the institution.

“Political appointments in the NAB and puppet officers have hurt its credibility and it has become an institution to provide political pressure and plea bargain. Due to delaying tactics, traditional methods and weak investigation, the criminals who should be behind bars are roaming free,” said Parliamentary Leader in Punjab Assembly Dr Syed Wasim Akhtar. He criticised the government for giving permission to Dr Asim to leave the country despite the fact that he caused a huge loss to the national treasury.

He said that upholding the law, constitution and democracy is the key to national development; all developed countries went on this path to achieve greatness. He added seeing the current national situation foreign investors are moving to the other countries rather than investing in Pakistan. He added uncertainty of national situation is disappointing. He noted that leadership’s short sighted decisions have destroyed the national economy now there is a need for all the political parties to play their role in getting the country out of the complicated situation.

He further said that in the past benefit of differences between government and opposition was taken by non-democratic powers. So, he said, the institutions should work by remaining within legal and constitutional limits.


 He said defaming the institutions and their collision are against the national interest.

He said that Jamaat-e-Islami wants a system in Pakistan in which the poor and weak could have the same rights as the ministers and advisors. As long as corrupt people are in the cabinets, the national situation cannot change, h said.