PESHAWAR - Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said on Thursday that the KP had a unique Local Government system having 33 per cent of the provincial resources at their disposal for uplift works on grass-roots level.

The Local Government system of other provinces are negating the essence of devolution of powers, Khattak claimed while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Khushal Bachat Bazaar at Parda Bagh in Peshawar.

As many as 119 hand carts owners displaced from Hashnagri Gate and other people affected by the drive against encroachment have been relocated to the bazaar.

District Nazim Arbab Muhammad Asim, Naib Nazim Syed Qasim Ali Shah, Opposition Leader in the District Council Razaullah Chagharmati and Vice President of the bazaar Zafarullah also spoke on the occasion and paid tribute to the Chief Minister for eliminating corruption, strengthening institutions and taking steps for public welfare. The Chief Minister said on the occasion that his government transferred resources in excess of Rs 1 trillion to the Local Government system.

The Peshawar District Council alone got a record amount of Rs 20 billion, he said. The representatives of Local Government system should work hard for success of the system, Khattak said, adding, that efforts were being made for beautification of Peshawar.

He said that Bus Rapid Transit system in Peshawar would prove as a gift for the people of Peshawar.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan for the project which would be completed within record six months time, he said.

The completion of the project within the shortest possible time is a challenge and we will complete it within the time, he vowed.

He reminded that the KP government had launched different projects, which, he said, would bring about prosperity and create jobs for the jobless and would improve economic condition of the people.

Khattak appreciated the District Nazim for relocation of owners of the hand carts, adding, that they were poor and their relocation and giving them the opportunity to earn livelihood in a respectable way was appreciable.

However, he expressed his annoyance over sluggishness in the drive against encroachment that delayed the overall beautification plan of Peshawar city. The anti-encroachment drive should not stop, Khattak said while directing for relocation of the remaining hand-carts.

He reminded that he had directed for relocation of hand-carts a year back but it took a lot of time.

He directed for reducing rent of the new space allocated to the owners of hand carts from Rs 3,000 monthly to Rs 1,000 monthly.  When he announced this, the owners of the hand carts jubilantly chanted slogans in favour of the Chief Minister.

Khattak said that politicians could not escape from the blame of all the wrongs in the province and the country in the past. “It is unfortunate that when politicians make it to the power, they ignore the poor”, he said, adding, that it was one of the reasons that people shifted their loyalty from traditional politicians to the PTI. 

The PTI, having zero tolerance for corruption and being an anti-status quo force, strengthened institutions and put some safeguards to constantly monitor the working of these institutions, he said. We inherited a class-based education system that was further deteriorated by politicians doing politics in these institutions, he dsid.

Briefly, the people got freedom but they were enslaved by the legacy left behind by the foreign rulers, he said.

He said that PTI had a mission to free the people from slavery of rulers and politicians. The KP government has now a system that nobody can intervene or manipulate for their personal gains, he said. Khattak also talked about the reforms in police brought about the PTI-led KP government.

He said that his government added a new dimension to the policing making the investigation, surveillance and advanced information system to tackle crimes, extremism and terrorism.

These efforts brought normalcy with improved law and order situation and reduced crime graph in the province, he added.

Khattak said that peace was essentially required for economic gain and added that improved performance of police, constant efforts of Pak Army and security forces and the sacrifices they made led to an improved security situation in the province.

The Chief Minister also enumerated a number of steps his government took for education reforms, stating that his government eliminated the class-based education system, introduced English right from the beginning and recruited teachers on merit to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor by giving them equal chances to compete.

He also spoke about missing facilities in the schools which, he said that his government overcame following spending billions of rupees.

Khattak also talked about health reforms in the province, stating that now a more dynamic health system was serving the people.

The deficiencies in the system have been removed, the shortage of doctors overcome and now all hospitals throughout the province have a system for provision of healthcare to the poor, he claimed. He assured all out support to the District Government of Peshawar for beautification of the City, opening food streets in the City and Hayatabad and added that Peshawar would have a zoo in the near future as well.

He assured that the internal renovation including road and heritage trail was about to be completed.  He called upon the local representatives to work hard and fulfil aspirations of the people.