KARACHI - The speakers at the panel discussion over the accuracy of the 6th population and Housing census has urged the political forces to sit together to chalk out the plan and survey methods to get the accurate counts.

They said that so far all the survey and estimates of various organizations has shown the statics that Karachi`s population has crossed 20million mark while the announced census results would definitely apart the citizen of the port city in playing their share in process of social and political development of the country. The speakers also suggested to take the services of the Pakistan Army and utilized the random sample survey in checking initial census counts of the federal government.

The speakers expressed these views while addressing the participants of the Panel Discussion held by Muttahida Quami Movement –Pakistan (MQM-P) in a local hotel here on Thursday.  Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhter, noted economist Dr  Kaiser Bengali, Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas, former Sectary Election Commission Kanwar Dilshad, former Senator Javaid Jabbar, MQM-P MNA Ali Raza Abdi, Professor Faisal Mehtab, Sindh Assembly Parlimentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed, Journalist Mehmood Shami, and others were among the discussion panelists.

Addressing the participants MQM-P Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said that it is regrettable that the urban population of the Sindh province was shown less with an attempt to capture the resources, since long efforts were in process to pushed urban population towards wall but the announced census counts has buried us in wall. He said, this act has increased sense of deprivation among the resident of the urban parts of province while it has also gave an impression that the rulers were treating the resident as the third grade citizens.

MQM-P leader suggested that every resident of the Karachi should be counted in a proper census activity irrespective of ethnic background so that he or she could play its role in the process of the social and political development of country. He said showing the counts less is not loss of any single community as it would be considered as the failure of the all the ethnic groups residing in port city.

Sattar said that it seems like that some elements with the agenda to upset the peace, progress and prosperity of the country has rigged the census while this act would create repercussion for the entire country as Karachi is considered as Mini-Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, noted economist Dr Kaiser Bengali suggested to carry out an exercise to verify the initial census results. He added that results showed irregularities and discrepancies which could not be ignored. He said the Sindh government could verify the results with the certain specialized organizations along with the help of Pakistan army. A government without any ability to conduct population census in fair manner could not fully establish its writ in any other sphere of national life, he added.

Karachi is no more manageable and governable city irrespective of its current population said Senior Journalists Mazhar Abbas adding that Karachi is drastically changed while fair census could not be hold until people regain their trust in the system.

Other members of the panelists also spoke on the occasion.