ISLAMABAD - The PML-N government, having two-third majority, for the third consecutive day on Thursday failed to complete quorum to run the proceedings of the National Assembly.

The government side due to lack of strength could not be able to perform legislation ‘The right of access to information bill, 2017’.

Although the house witnessed a very thin presence of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle but the opposition apparently chose to point out quorum when the government opted to start legislation on ‘right of access to information bill’.

The PML-N lawmakers, sensing the intention of opposition, also made failed attempt to complete the required strength. As even both Minister for IPC Riaz Pirzada and Minister of State for Information Maryam Orangzeb rushed to gather their party’s MNAs but the effort proved futile, as only 26 lawmakers were in the house at the time of counting.

Earlier, the house remained suspended for around 20 minutes but the government side could not manage the required strength. The opposition lawmakers mainly PTI had raised certain objections over the ‘right of access to information bill’. The house in previous days (Tuesday and Wednesday) almost witnessed same situation and on Thursday completed hat-trick for not having enough strength to run the house.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif also could not be able to speak on important matters related to Rohignya Muslims’ miseries and recent remarks of US president due to lack of quorum.

The quorum was pointed out by PPP’s MNA Nazeer Ahmad Bhogiyo when PTI’s MNA was asking the chair (Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi) to start clause by clause reading of the bill.

The government side was set to pass the bill with majority but faced the issue of required strength to run proceedings of the house.