SHEIKHUPURA/SHARQPUR -  Three alleged robbers were killed in a shootout with police while their three accomplices managed to flee the scene in the wee hours of Thursday.

The police said the shootout occurred near village Nazar Lubana in the remit of Sharqpur Police.

According to police sources, a gang of six bandits including notorious Mazhar alias Mazhri; Shahbaz, alias Shahbaz; Sharafat alias Chitta; Shabbir alias Lahori; Mehmood, alias Fauji and Zahid Ansari stole away three cows and snatched a loader Hiac van and two 125 motorbikes (LEK-9681 and LEK-8597) at gunpoint. As the dacoits reached near village Nazar Lubana in the snatched Hiac van and two motorbikes, they came across a police team. The police signalled them to stop but the dacoits allegedly started firing blindly. As result three dacoits identified as Mazhar alias Mazhri, son Allah Ditta and Shahbaz alias Shahbazi, son of Allah Ditta, residents of Sheikhupura and Sharafat, son of Mansoor, resident of Rehan Wala, Mandi Faizabad, sustained bullet wounds, fired by their accomplices. However, their three accomplices Shabbir Lahori, son of Naseer, a resident of Lahore; Mehmood Fauji, son of Maqsood, resident of Boda Khan area of Mandi Faizabad and Zahid Ansar, son of Shaukat Ali, resident of Hassan Town, Lahore, fled the scene under the cover of darkness. The police said the dacoits had killed a CIA Police constable Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad some six days ago. They had also been involved in various cases of heinous crime in different areas. The Sharaqpur Police took the dead bodies to THQ Hospital and for medico-legal formalities. The police also impounded stole goods and launched further investigation.