“Let sleeping dogs lie” is a popular idiom meant to represent a situation which could be made much worse by meddling. After the starting of the review petition against the Panama Case, this might be advice that Nawaz Sharif should consider taking, as the Supreme Court seems to be in no mood for apologies or appeasements.

Review hearings against Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification verdict have begun and the Supreme Court has strongly defended the methods it used to arrive at its decision. The judges have put on an unapologetic and firm front to Nawaz’s counsel’s complaint that the salary of Nawaz Sharif through Capital FZE did not come in the definition of assets. This claim of Nawaz seems more dubious now due to the review hearing as more evidence has come to light to show that the salary had indeed been withdrawn.

Moreover, the judges also affronted to the complainant for undermining the Supreme Court when Khawaja Haris argued that Justice Khosa and Justice Gulzar should not have signed and endorsed the final order as they had already passed their final decision in the case on April 20. The Supreme Court made it clear to the counsel that the judges knew what they were doing and undermining them would not make it easier to win the case.

The review petitions come after a month of repeated verbal attacks against the judiciary by the Nawaz camp. The biggest decry of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) was that Nawaz was ousted over a trivial issue like the salary one. This claim was directly responded by the Supreme Court in a chilling statement that the salary issue was just “the tip of the iceberg”, that is, it was just one of many issues that if opened, would damage Nawaz’s case more.

Perhaps in hindsight, a confrontational strategy against the court was not the smartest move.

Moreover, his openly antagonizing of the judiciary right before such an important decision is not only un-pragmatic but speaks of insincerity as well due to PMLN leader going to the Supreme Court to try Imran Khan for an unauthenticated money trail. It is even more contradictory for Nawaz to delegitimize the court yet still seek relief from it. With National Accountability Bureau (NAB) references about to open in the accountability courts, Nawaz might find himself in and around the courthouse a lot.

Perhaps it’s time for the Sharif family to realize that you cannot delegitimise the same institution with one hand while asking justice from it with the other.