Pakistan and USA has love/hate relation since ever. But last few years or so been difficult for both the countries to build trust in each other and accepting the methods of solving core issues. USA was hesitating to work with Imran Khan’s government before general elections in Pakistan as everyone was expecting Khan to be next Prime Minster.  

We have seen how western media reacted to Imran Khan possible victory in general elections. He’s been portrayed as Anti-US in America and Anti-India by Indian media. Imran Khan in his first victory speech shared that he wants to have good relations with America but with equal terms/mutual respect and not one sided dictation. Earlier this year President of America Donald trump tweeted that Pakistan is playing ‘double game’ and United States has been rewarded with lies and deceit for ‘foolishly’ giving more than $33 billion in aid to Pakistan in the past 15 years. U.S also suspended security assistance to Pakistan this year and also pressurizing Pakistan on IMF issue. 

Recently an old video of current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was circulating on social media that created a lot of buzz in which he said “Pakistan will only be a US ally in peace. It will not be an ally in war. Approximately 50,000 Pakistanis have died. $80 billion this country has lost in war against terror. It’s time for U.S. to make Pakistan a friend, not a client state.” 

In a recent controversy that took place just few days back and headlined all over the world, where Pakistan and United States have given their own version of Pompeo and Khan phone call has been very important as Pak/US diplomacy is going through a sensitive time period. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said that the issue of militants never came up in the phone call between Mike Pompeo and PM Khan as stated by US states department. Where few political analysts believes that Pak foreign office should not have replied to American perspective they are actually missing many key points and just focusing on the sensitivity of issue. America has lied on many issues to Pakistan such as former President of USA Barack Obama stating Raymond Davis as American diplomat.  

With new government in Pakistan which seems keen to take baby steps in Pakistan foreign policy we can consider it as test of Imran Khan’s government. USA with the time will know who they are dealing with and how they will be able to discuss and resolve key issues. Previous Pakistani governments have been criticized for not being able to answer USA in a proper diplomatic way.  

Current Pakistan government has took this stance and probably answered USA with ‘We say not to dictation’ message and also shown a goodwill gesture by not releasing the audio of phone call between PM Imran Khan and Mike Pompeo which could have been massive disaster for US states department and its reputation. This gesture may help America to decide how they will proceed there relations with Pakistan, will they continue aggressive stance against Pakistan or there will be any shift in policy. Prime Minister Imran Khan clear stance regarding Pak/US relations with no personal stakes in US it will be interesting to see how new government will work towards it and will they go for popular decisions or sometimes they will emphasize to take unpopular but much affected decisions as well.  

President of United States Donald trump continuous change in mood and unnecessary tweets against his enemies as well as ally’s is itself a challenge to deal with and it will also decide where Pakistan and United States relation stands in coming months. It will surely be a big and challenging task for newly elected Prime Minister Khan and his team. 


Lahore, August 27.