LAHORE-As Nandita Das’ biopic of author Saadat Hasan Manto gears up for a release, the iconic writer daughters - Nuzhat and Nusrat - will be travelling from Pakistan to attend the premiere of the film in India.

Speaking to an Indian Daily, Nandita Das said, “We are keeping our fingers crossed that the family of this great literary icon who is legacy of the whole Indian subcontinent will find the passage smooth.”

The family, residing in Lahore, will be entering India by road through the Wagah border and will fly to Mumbai with their spouses. Unfortunately, of the three daughters, only two will be present for the release, the eldest, Nighat, will not be able to make it.

“We were all very young when he passed away as a broken-hearted man. But almost everyone who met and knew him have spoken of his love for Bombay where he began his literary journey,” Nuzhat said.

She mentioned the family will be availing the visa-on-arrival facility for India, available to the 65+ elderly, according to an understanding between both governments. “In the past, we have travelled after a visa was given. So we are a bit worried,” she said.

Speaking about the director, Nuzhat said, “She is such a humble and loving person. She has met us and even came and stayed with us. We are confident that she has put together a great film and are excited to see it.”