Bahria University has ordered teachers to ensure that male and female students sit separately in classes, according to a notification issued by the university registrar dated August 30. 

The notification directs varsity authorities to arrange separate leisure visits for male and female students, and to discourage the formation of groups for academic work with both male and female members. The university administration also seeks to minimize the movement of students from one building to another in the university. 

Established by the Pakistan Navy, Bahria University is spread out through multiple campuses in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Its main campus is in Islamabad, but it is not clear which campus or campuses will be affected by this policy.

Just earlier this month, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) in Lahore attempted to segregate the sitting area of its cafeteria. However, its move was pushed back after outrage on Twitter and among university students. 

Although not all universities outright declare such steps in their policy handbooks, many attempt to police the interaction between college students of opposite genders. Some universities also have strict dress codes for women.