LOS ANGELES - Camila Cabello has vowed to raise $250,000 for Save The Children. The ‘Shameless’ hitmaker was honoured with the Voice Award for ‘’her commitment to stand up and be a voice for the kids’’ at the Save the Children’s Gala in New York City and now she wants to help raise funds.

In her acceptance speech, she said: ‘’One of my favourite quotes is ‘humanity owes the child the best it has to give.’ And Save the Children, you guys are doing just that. Changing the courses of kids and families lives all over the world.

I believe that a voice is a powerful instrument and I believe we have a responsibility to use it and when we use it together we can make a huge difference for girls and boys all over the world.’’

She ended her speech by pledging to raise $250,000 for the organisation, specifically towards its programs for refugees of conflict, poverty, children’s health and education and gender equality.

And the 22-year-old singer feels ‘’so humbled and so inspired’’ by all the people she met at the gala including the kids.

Taking to Instagram later, she wrote: ‘’I really hope to work with savethechildren for the rest of my life, I felt so humbled and so inspired to be in a room full of people that dedicate their lives to making kids’ lives better all over the world.... I felt especially inspired by the kids there that at such a young age use everything they have been through to make a difference and help others...that kind of empathy, compassion and strength at such a young age is so inspiring to me and all of us in that room, making us want to be better and do better.