RAWALPINDI - City Police Officer (CPO) Capt (R) Muhammad Faisal Rana has ordered the police for patrolling round the clock throughout the district.

Addressing a meeting of police officials here, CPO said that mobile vans of police stations and posts should be on active patrolling round the clock, adding that he would personally conduct surprise checks of any mobile van to ensure they were out on the street and patrolling.

The CPO said proactive police patrolling played a crucial role to curb crimes all over the world. It’s a fact that criminals and lawbreakers do fear law enforcement, hence to avoid capture; they’d think twice before committing a crime in a vicinity where there was active police patrolling going on.

The problem occurs when the field officers aren’t actively patrolling instead resting somewhere and relay false positions of their movement over the police radio. “I won’t let that slide here in Rawalpindi,” CPO said adding that I will be checking these patrolling vehicles randomly, anyone found absent from the relayed point of the position will face strict departmental, he said.

The SHO of the concerned police station will have to face departmental inquiry where exhibition of weapons would occur, adding that exhibition of weapons, whether it is of legal or illegal weapon leads to many serious offences.