LAHORE   -   A high powered meeting was held between the senior management of Punjab Board of Investment and Trade and the Director Financial Institutions Development of Islamic Corporation for the Development of Private Sector (ICD), which is a major institutional investor as well as an economic arm of OIC. The substantial meeting highlighted the need of both establishments to work together for the development of Pakistan and to brand Pakistan as an ideal destination for investments due to its liberal investment regime and rising economic opportunities.

Jahanzeb Burana, CEO PBIT, gave an exclusive presentation to Aamir Husain Khan, Director Financial Institutions Development, that showcased the entire business plan of PBIT which consisted of all the projects in its pipeline, briefed them regarding the major initiatives taken by PBIT specially in tech and healthcareas well as the sectoral overview to apprise about the investment opportunities available in different sectors. CEO PBIT also enlightened them about the International Investment Award that PBIT has received in UAE due to its relentless efforts for the enhancement of investment and trade. The meeting concluded with a way forward that PBIT and ICD should support each other by generating investors from all around the OIC member countries so that Pakistan can pursue economic growth. PBIT will pitch potential investment ideas to ICD and they will facilitate PBIT in finding source investors for the projects that are in pipeline.