MIRPUR (AJK)-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s landmark speech at Kashmir solidarity rally in Muzaffarabad, in which he reiterated his resolve to fight for the cause of Kashmir and the besieged Kashmiris in Indian occupied Kashmir has generated a new wave of optimism amongst Kashmiris living on both sides of the line of control.

Cutting across the political divide, Kashmiri leaders, social and political activists hailing from different segments of society have appreciated the incumbent government’s policies on Kashmir particularly the Prime Minister’s extensive political and diplomatic outreach and efforts to raise the global awareness vis-à-vis the worst humanitarian crisis in Indian occupied Kashmir, which continue to deepen further due to prolonged curfew, shortage of essential food commodities and lifesaving drugs.

Kashmiris, by and large, believe that an articulate and outspoken leader like IK, who dare to call spade a spade can plead the case of Kashmir well before the international community, which has unfortunately been watching the situation like a silent spectator, stated Ershad Mahmud, Information Secretary PTI AJK while talking to this Correspondent here on Saturday.

It is worthwhile to mention here that since the Modi-led regime in India revoked special status of Jammu and Kashmir the PTI government in line with the vision and directives of Prime minister Imran Khan had launched several political and diplomatic initiatives to sensitize the world community about the situation in the region and obtain their support’’, Ershad said while appreciating the extremely successful Friday Kashmir Solidarity Rally addressed by the Prime Minister and other top leaders of the incumbent regime Further commenting on Khan’s successful visit, Ershad, head of media wing of the PTI AJK chapter, observed as saying “Friday’s grand solidarity rally in AJK’s capital city Muzaffarabad, which was specially attended and addressed by the PM as part of the incumbent government’s policy to seek the attention of the world leaders and human rights bodies towards the decades’ long conflict that has assumed dangerous proportions”.

”While highlighting the dangerous situation in the restive region PM Khan in an attempt to stir the world conscience asked the international community to realize its, moral, legal and human responsibilities viz-a-viz the impending crisis in Indian occupied Kashmir”, Ershad underlined adding that Prime Minister Khan’s repeated call that it was high time that the world should realize the sense of urgency, come forward in a big way and play its due role to mitigate the sufferings of Kashmiri people, is also highly praiseworthy and is seen with high hopes from the popularly-elected PTI regime.

“He was of the view the civilized world needs to understand the fact that India’s irrational madness can lead to nuclear confrontation, which he said would have far-reaching consequences in terms of peace and stability. He warned the international community that the Kashmir issue if remained unaddressed, would adversely affect the entire world”, Ershad Mahmood underlined appreciating his historic trip to AJK’s metropolis.”PM Khan who had announced to become the ambassador of Kashmiris reiterated his pledge to raise voice for Kashmiris at all international forums.

Highlighting the plight of Kashmiris who are reeling under suffocating siege IK said, “Only a coward person can oppress the people this way”, Zaffar Anwar Ch, Central Chief Organizer of PTI AJK said while commenting on Prime Minister Khan’s visit to AJK’s capital town.

He appreciated Khan’s categorical version that India would suffer immensely by pursuing Hindu fascism as state agenda against Muslims and other minorities. Anwar said “the feeling the sense of charged crowed Khan’s saying was highly, appreciative encouraged and strong source to further boost the morale of Kashmiris that “I do realize that the youth are impatient to cross the LoC to help out their besieged brethren in IoK but do not cross until I say”.

“Many of you want to cross the LoC, but wait until I tell the world the horrific story of oppression in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK),” he quoted the prime minister as saying.

Meanwhile, while appreciating the PM Khan’s call to postpone LoC long March until he exhausts all diplomatic options, the PTI AJK Secretary General Raja Masadiq Khan said that sagacity demands that the Prime Minister should decide the timing and place of the long march. “We should never throw away this option without any tangible gain”, he added.