I along with 25 group members came all across from United Kingdom to support a cancer hospital through fundraiser trekking challenge in north of Pakistan. This trek was a test for all of us, we were camping in the wilderness, with the night beside Rush Lake being the coldest but with all the challenges of the mountains, glacier walking and contending with the harsh elements, we reminded ourselves of our purpose every morning in our daily prayers; that we are here by choice and that we are blessed with health. None of our struggles compare to those who need cancer treatment but cannot afford it.

Shaukat Khanum has existed for 25 years and we pray that it stands serving the Pakistani community for many more years to come. As a British born Pakistani, I am so proud to have my roots in a country that has someone as inspiring as Imran Khan as its leader - someone who has devoted his entire life to public service. Politics aside; we all need to do our part in supporting the philanthropic path he has paved for us. As a nation, we are only as strong as our weakest link. We must uplift and support those in need and the Shaukat Khanum hospitals are a source of hope for the weak. I hope that more and more people become advocates of this cause and raise awareness and much needed funds to ensure its longevity.