ISLAMABAD - Demanding a complete inquiry into the Motorway incident, the Opposition in Monday’s National Assembly sitting asked the government to arrest all the culprits as soon as possible and exemplary punishment be given to them.

The government assured the house for making all out efforts to arrest all the culprits involved in the unpleasant incident. Some of the members demanded public hanging of the culprits involved in the incident.

The House witnessed uproar from the Opposition benches when the chair gave the floor to Advisor to Prime Minister Shahzad Akbar to apprise the house on the incident.

The Opposition members shouting slogans also gathered around the speaker podium in protest.

Advisor to Prime Minister Shehzad Akbar informed the house that one rapist was arrested only in 72-hours of the incident. “The second culprits would also be arrested soon,” he said, adding, that Shafqat son of Allah Ditta has confessed his involvement in the sad incident. “ We have been given to the Punjab Police, where characters like Abid boxer had served in the past,” he said, mentioning that the CCPO has also been given notice on his statement. "There is a need to think why such an incident happened," he commented.

Initiating the debate on Motorway incident, Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif demanded complete inquiry on the Motorway incident.  “I demand an inquiry into the incident from the government,” he said, mentioning that the incumbent government seems confused about dealing the complex affair.

“Why Motorway police was not deputed at the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. This is incompetence and failure of the government,” he said, mentioning that the Opposition had not indulged in any politicking on this shocking incident. He said that concerned police officers need to be called in by the House committee. “Explanation should be sought from police officials on this statement,” he said, adding, that the Motorway was the project of the PML-N government.

Sharif was of the view that the focus of the government seemed to be targeting the opposition members. “Sifarish culture was not in the PML-N government era, as we are witnessing in this government tenure,” he said.