Esra Bilgic is an actress who played a very impressive role in well-known drama Artugrul Gazi which has stolen the show all over the world. The amazing actress of drama who is named Halima has swooped into Pakistan. A Seljuk warrior, a brave and a righteous character, valiantly vanquished villain, caring mother, sister and wife above all love interest of Artugrul shows her talent to the utmost best.

Pakistanis are totally smitten with princess Halima and are keen to see her in Pakistan as soon as possible. She is now a sweetheart of Pakistanis (including myself) while sitting 3,000 miles away. Her name, being ubiquitous, has won the hearts of her fans by making herself sincere and honest wife as a Muslim woman should be. She looked attractive in traditional headgear, and this traditional style is now being adopted by many Pakistani girls.

Esra Bilgic’s Instagram account has been booming with comments of Pakistanis people critiquing her modern dresses since the drama was telecasted on PTV channel. She posted a picture with “Hijaab” because of being criticized. She also reached out for condolence of one of the victims of PIA crashed flight PK8303 fashion model Zara Abid who once complimented her photo. She said while talking with an interviewer, “I felt very happy and lucky when the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, suggested that Pakistanis should watch this historical drama. If Corona Virus did not come up, I would have been to Pakistan several times”.

I want to advise our Pakistani scriptwriters to also produce such type of dramas on Islamic History as they are popular with the audience. Being the Islamic Republic, our writers must concern the dramas that lead our youth to the tale of Islam, its beautiful Hadiths and its teachings.