ISLAMABAD   -  The capital city of Islamabad has witnessed a significant fall in the number of road accidents this year as compared to the previous year of 2019.

From January 2020 up till now, a total number of 182 accidents took place as shown by the ITP Traffic Accident Analysis 2020. However, the same data shows that in December 2019 only, total number of accidents that took place in different roads of Islamabad were 205.

The official data shared by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) with this correspondent reveals that the road accidents that happened till now from January 2020 are even lesser than the accidents that took place in December 2019. 

The Islamabad Traffic Police has done much to minimise the number of road accidents and ensure the safety of road users. The active behaviour of deployed traffic police officials is witnessed almost everywhere in the city. 

“The ITP is now focusing on the implementation of the laws which were lately introduced. Drivers who talk on their phones during driving are heavily fined so that people’s lives can be made safer. The number of challans are very high to maintain strictness on the road,” said Rasheed Computer wing head ITP when contacted by The Nation.

Out of the total 182 accidents occurred this year from January till now, most of them took place on Islamabad Expressway. The official record shared by an ITP officer shows that a total number of 34 road accidents happened on just one patch of Islamabad Highway from Zero Point to Koral Chowk. 

Talking with The Nation, Mahad Sheikh, a student of a university of Islamabad and a resident of Bahria Town, stated that he has to travel everyday through the Islamabad Highway and if anything he wishes the most is the maintenance of the horrible patch of the highway in front of Gulberg Housing Society. 

“There is already so much rush on the highway and it gets out of control when drivers reach the patch in front of the Gulberg Housing Society,” said Mahad. 

However, research shows that mobile phone use while driving has caused more than 0.9 million road accidents during the last 17 years in the country and stands out to be a top reason for road accidents. Not only in Pakistan, using cell phone while driving is one of the main causes of road accidents all over the world.

In Pakistan, as well as several other countries, it is banned to talk on cell phones while driving. Regretfully, people still openly use their phones while driving.