ISLAMABAD  -  Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s upcoming film Midnight In TheSwitchgrass has been forced to halt production again following a coronavirus outbreak. Filming on the crime thriller had only just resumed in July after shutting down in March amid the pandemic. Production has been paused yet again as two crew members have tested positive for Covid-19. A spokesperson for The Pimienta Film Co told the site that filming in Puerto Rico had initially resumed with COVID protocols to ensure everyone’s safety, but there was still an outbreak. The two crew members, who were asymptomatic, were immediately quarantined, but production also decided to halt filming as a precaution. Director Randall Emmett is now planning to resume filming in Santa Barbara in the next few weeks but with even stricter precautions in place. Midnight In TheSwitchgrass stars Megan Fox and Bruce Willis as detectives trying to break up a child trafficking ring, whose investigation brings them across the path of a notorious Texas serial killer.