ISLAMABAD   -   In an attempt to create minimal yet exciting designs, the much-loved SaboorAly has collaborated with Lulusar and introduced a wide range of outfits that are perfect for any woman to wear anywhere and everywhere. Working on each design for countless hours with Lulusar’s talented designers and using every bit of creativity in her, Saboor has indeed been successful in bringing forth outfits that are both chic and unique. Not only is the Lulusar X SaboorAly collection extremely a la mode but it also has designs that are immensely versatile and can be worn on many different types of occasions - from your workplace meetings with clients right to your night-time gatherings! Furthermore, the designs consist mainly of earthy tones in some pops of colours, making them perfect for the hot season! It is, indeed, no secret that Lulusar has increasingly gained immense popularity amongst Pakistani as well as foreign consumers. Due to its innovative collections. Knowing how awfully hot and humid Karachi’s weather can often get, Lulusar decided to introduce Cool Cotton for the first time in Pakistan that is soft to touch with zero-water usage and higher breathability as well as durability - much more than your average cotton.