ISLAMABAD-The sale of motorbikes and three wheelers in the country witnessed increase of 19.59 per cent during the first two months of current financial year (2020-21) as compared to the corresponding period of last year. During the month under review, as many as 288,849 motorbikes and three wheelers were sold in July-August 2020 against the sale of 241,515 units in July-August 2019, showing growth of 19.59 per cent, according to Pakistan automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA).

The sale of Honda motorcycles in the country also grew by 11.80 per cent to 179,003 units during the months under review against 160,109 units during same months of last year whereas the sale of Suzuki motorcycles dipped by 13.66 per cent to 2,730 units from 3,162 units, in addition the sale of Yamaha motorbikes witnessed decrease of 31.77 per cent from 3,805 units to 2,596, it added.

Similarly, the sale of United Auto motorcycles went up from 52,379 units to 70,419 units, showing increase of 34.44 per cent while the sales of Road Prince motorcycles also increased by 56.39 per cent from 16,062 units to 25,120 units. Meanwhile, the sale of Road Prince three wheelers witnessed increase of 151.61 per cent from 804 units in last year to 2,023 units in the same month’s current year.

The sale of Qingqi three wheelers has shown increase of 99.39 per cent by going up from 534 units to 3,226 units whereas the sale of United Auto three wheelers rose by 42.82 per cent from 976 units to 1,394 units, the data revealed.