Mohmand    -  Dozens of unemployed residents of Mohmand on Monday staged a protest against recruitment of non-locals in Ekkaghund and Bhawata bazaar and alleged that fake domicile holders were robbing the rights of backward and poor tribal people on the basis of influence. 

The protesters said that recruitment of non-locals in the Citizen Facilitation Centre (CFC) Ekkaghund and Mamadgut was evidence in this regard. “We will not spare any sacrifice for the sake of our rights. All non-local recruitment orders made in the said centre should be cancelled immediately and all future recruitments be made on National Identity Cards instead of domicile,” the local protesting tribesmen demanded. 

They claimed that people were being recruited on the basis of fake domiciles and influence in various departments across the district, including CFC. 

Local youth, political and social figures participated in the protest demonstrations. Prominent among them were PPP provincial president Humayun Khan, Jangrez Khan, Arshad Bakhtiar and local PTI leaders Abdul Jalil, Tahir Khan and others. 

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Jalil said that with the connivance of former political administration and landlords, millions of people have created fake domiciles. “According to official figures, the population of the district is around 500,000 while the total number of domiciles exceeds 13 million. The purpose of which is to seize and rob our quotas in government jobs and educational institutions. With fake domiciles residents of other districts are getting jobs in Mohmand,” he said.

He demanded that recruitments for local jobs should be done on national identity cards instead of domiciles in the tribal districts. 

Another protest rally was led by Dr. Sadiq, Jamdad Khan, Yaqub Shinwari, Shamos Khan, Maulana Hanif Zaman and Qari Noor Zaman took place in Safi tehsil Bhawata Bazaar. The protesters chanted slogans against non-local recruits in Mamdgat CFC. They were carrying banners and placards inscribed with their demands.