ISLAMABAD   -  He recently signed on to executive produce a gritty drama reboot of his series The Fresh Prince OfBel Air. But Will Smith only had eyes for the original series when he shared a photo of himself and his old pal DJ Jazzy Jeff in front of the Bel Air mansion that was featured weekly on the TV show that made him a household name. The 51 year old actor was celebrating a partnership with the luxurious mansion’s owners to rent off a wing of the home on Airbnb for an astoundingly cheap $30 per night to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary. Will’s Instagram selfie showed himself beaming in a green white and black tie-dye jacket over a white shirt, while Jeff wore gray–blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up and gestured toward the mansion. Although the mansion was advertised as being in the tony neighborhood of Bel Air, the real-life location is located in the similarly upscale LA neighborhood Brentwood.