The power of a country is judged from the strength of its Armed Forces. The USA is dominating the world due to her Armed Forces. India is ready for a Security Council seat not due to the propaganda of its being the biggest democracy but due to its military power. Similarly, many other countries including Israel flex their muscles on the international stage only due to their massive war machines. Unfortunately, there is a planned move by the international as well as some national players in our country to defame our Armed Forces. Common people falls prey easily to this planned propaganda. In a recent newspaper article, Mr Ayaz Mir has raised a lot of questions on fighting the war on terror, inflow of US aid and its uses. I am sure that being an old army officer, he knows the accountability procedure in the army. It is always good to point out the mistakes but the aim should be to correct, not to defame. Army men belong to Pakistan; they are also a part of this society and family. Armed Forces work on the instructions of the government and sacrifice their lives for the safety of Pakistan. Let's honour them. -BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, April 4.