I am writing this letter with reference to the terrorist attack on the Police Training Center in Manawan near Wagha border Lahore on Monday. It was a tragic event for the whole nation. The proceeding ended after eight hours of bloodshed. Eight people were killed and nearly a hundred injured. Despite prior information, the total lack of preparedness displayed by police highlights the crisis of our governance. It was also heartrending to watch the way the injured were being taken away. There seemed to be a scarcity of stretchers because I saw many seriously wounded being carted away held by their hands and feet. It surely would have exacerbated their injuries. Pity we did not have enough ambulances either. It is very sad that some people among us still deny that we are faced with a homegrown challenge of unprecedented proportions. Gradually, the militants are creating a space for themselves. They have taken control of Swat and are moving into Dir. Besides the captured posts of Swat and tribal areas, they are actively challenging the state in many other parts of the Frontier province. In Punjab where they are not in a dominant position yet, they are still making the occasional hits. It is time we got united and recognized the common enemy who is trying to weaken our country. -ASIM HUSSAIN, Faisalabad, via e-mail, April 3.