Prime Minister Gillani has urged the judiciary to reopen ZAB murder case to establish that it was a judicial murder. Bhutto was hanged many decades ago. Whether or not he was innocent, he must be resting in peace in his grave now. I am sure, though that he must be perplexed why Mr Gillani, instead of finding assassins of his daughter, is asking the judiciary to reopen his decades' old case in which acquittal will not bring him to life. The PPP is in power, Shaheed BB's husband is heading the country as one of the most powerful President who even has the powers that dictator Musharraf had. Yet BB's murder is still a mystery. Great solace, though, that the UNO has been invited to probe into the matter. How would the PM respond were Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to question him directly on the matter of his daughter's murder? Oh, the PM would never have to face that embarrassment. Dead men never ask questions. -MEHRAN LEGHARI, Lahore, via e-mail, April 7.