This is with reference to the International Women's Day (March 08). It is a harsh fact that the women in Pakistan have never enjoyed their rights especially with in the interior Sindh. I suggest the government should take the following steps to ameliorate the lot of women folk: * The government should announce free education for women at all levels. * Similarly the government should announce free treatment for women. * The amount of endowment funds that the government is providing to the girls for education should be increased. * The government should introduce interest-free loan for women to sponsor their studies abroad. * The government should immediately compensate the women victims of domestic violence. * The government should increase the female quota in every field. * The government should also increase quota for women in parliament * To resolve the women issues the government should make special courts for women that should provide speedy justice. * Woman police stations must be ensured in every locality * Finally the government should make the strict policies to rescue the women in bonded labour, domestic violence, emotional abuse, forced marriages, sexual violence etc It is good to see the current government is considering new laws to protect women and their interests but at the same time I expect this to go beyond the consideration stage. The government should take bold steps in letter and spirit that have unfortunately not been taken even after passing of a whole year. -IMRAN KHAN SIAL, Karachi, via e-mail, March 28.