For the past few months, the people have become a silent spectator watching in mute horror all that is going on in this country. Nowhere does one see a government here. After the Lal Masjid incident a year and half ago, the blood has been flowing like water in Pakistan. Increasing inflation, a deteriorating power crisis, complete lawlessness beset the nation. The country is supposedly at war but no one knows whose war have we been fighting - for eight years. Is the government aware of the upcoming global crises of water, climatic change and a global shortage of food? Have we made any plans in this 'sovereign' parliament of ours about how to tackle these situations, or even discussed them at all? Our oil and gas reserves are depleting fast. Water is becoming scarce day by day as our rivers dry out. People are committing suicides due to not having access to even the basic necessities of life. Imagine things after five years -AFZAL RAHIM, Peshawar, via e-mail, April 13.